Weekly Courses

Join a MILE Course for a Week

Find out firsthand why the courses of our Master of International Law and Economics (MILE) Programme are so unique – join us as a weekly student!

MILE 'à la carte'

Designed for public, private and civil society professionals, MILE à la carte is a simple way to enhance your knowledge of select areas in international trade: you join one or more weeks of the MILE programme, while taking minimal time off from your job and without needing a specific academic background or degree.

In the second semester all MILE modules are available as a weekly course: a thematically self-contained learning experience! You'll get to attend the lectures alongside our MILE students and can even choose to take the exam if the course is assessed. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

With exceptions (see individual courses), the price for one week is 1,800 Swiss francs.

We kindly ask you to transfer all fees prior to the start of the week. Please send your completed application to Ms Sandra Joseph or contact her if you have any questions.

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