Courses à la carte


For public and private sector professionals

Could you benefit from a refresher course at the WTI? Are you interested in our programmes but cannot commit to an entire year? Now is your chance to get a taste of what we offer and earn a certificate of attendance, Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) or a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS).

Programme structure

The WTI offers you a unique opportunity to update and deepen your knowledge of international economic governance, trade and investment by participating in intensive, week-long courses on a wide range of topics. These interdisciplinary courses, which are part of the Master in International Law and Economics (MILE) programme, the WTI’s flagship master programme, are taught by a faculty of renowned experts and practitioners. The courses are either lecture-based or case-study-based.

The lecture-based courses consisting of 20 hours of interactive lectures by two or three experts are scheduled from Monday to Thursday. The lectures address both the theory and practice of the topics covered and often include classroom exercises. On Friday, participants who wish to do so may take a take-home exam.

The case-study-based courses are built around carefully designed case studies. Each course begins on Monday morning with a brief introduction of the topic, the assigned reading materials and the case study. Students then have until Wednesday noon to study the reading materials and work on the case study in small groups. The submission of the case study brief is usually followed on Wednesday afternoon by a lecture on the most recent developments. On Thursday and Friday, the students meet with one or two experts for a total of 10 hours to discuss the case study and receive detailed feedback.