Sainabou Taal MILE 12

MILE 12, Sainabou Taal


Sainabou Taal graduated in 2008 with honours from the University of Toronto for a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a double minor in History and Geography. During her study she was president of the Undergraduate Economics Council and she travelled to Ciudad Guzman, Mexico to conduct an economic assessment on an environmental sustainability project. In addition, she assisted her Economic Development Professor on an empirical study titled 'Exporting Out of Poverty: Provincial Poverty in Vietnam and U.S. Market Access'.

Sainabou has also carried out several internships in the United Nations Offices in Kenya and Gambia under UNEP and UNDESA respectively. Upon graduation, she took up a position at the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment of Gambia as a Trade Economist. This position gave her the opportunity to deal directly with trade and trade-related matters in an LDC; nationally, regionally and multilaterally, at an early stage. Sainabou's interest in the field of International Trade Policy lies within the areas of regional integration, non-tariff barriers and market access and their correlations with development. She believes that the skills she will acquire in the MILE programme will enable her to further her career in trade policy development. Sainabou is an avid traveller whose hobbies include socialising with different cultures, reading and mountain climbing.