Armand de Mestral

de Mestral, Armand

Armand  de  Mestral  is  Emeritus  Professor  at  McGill  University  and  holds  the  Jean  Monnet  Chair  in  Law.  From   2002 to 2008 he was co‐director of the Institute of European Studies at McGill Université de Montréal. Before  that,  he  served  as  an Interim Director  at  the Institute  of  Air  and  Space  Law  at  McGill   University   from   1998 to 2002. Since   2014, he has been a Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation.  His recent publications include:  International Law 7th Ed,   2006 (co‐author), Law and Practice of International Trade (2nd edition; 1999); The  North American  Free  Trade  Agreement  –  A   Comparative   Study,  Hague  Academy  of  International  Law,  Receuil  des  cours (2000).  Armand   de   Mestral   served   as   a   panellist   and   arbitrator   in   disputes   under   WTO,   CUFTA   and   NAFTA.  He   was   a   member   of   the   Canadian   Delegation  to  the  UN Law  of  the  Sea  Conference between  1973 and  1980.  Furthermore,  he  was  a  consultant   to   NACEC   and   Law   Commission   of   Canada.  He was president of the Canadian Red  Cross  Society  from  1999 to 2001  and was  appointed a member  of  the  Order  of Canada  in  December 2007.