Kimani F. Goddard

Goddard, Kimani F.

Research Fellow

Intellectual Property Law
International Investment Law
Computational Analysis of Biotechnology Patents & Biodata

Kimani  F. Goddard is an experienced Intellectual Property Law and Policy Advisor. Ms Goddard has been a Senior IP Advisor for several years, with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), specialising in copyright law, collective management of copyright and TRIPS flexibilities. Among her key policy projects is the WIPO Draft Guidelines on Assessing the Economic, Social and Cultural Impact of Copyright Law in the Creative Industries (Economy).  She continues to maintain a consulting relationship with WIPO.  Additionally, she has held the Senior Policy Advisor role, with the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), contributing to EU copyright reform. Kimani holds an Master of Law in International Law, from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, as well as a Master of Research (quantitative) International Relations (Trade Policy) and a BA Hons 1st Class in International Relations and Politics, both from Keele University in the United Kingdom.

Kimani F. Goddard is currently a PhD Fellow and Researcher at the Maastricht University Faculty of Law, where her research focusses on the treatment of explicit and implicit Intellectual Property clauses within International Investment Agreements (IIAs) and Investment Arbitration. Her final doctoral thesis is titled, The Protection of Intellectual Property in International Investment and Agreements: IPRs and Investment Law as Catalysts for an International Law of Property. She also engages in research within the Maastricht University Law & Tech Lab, where she is developing a research project on “Mapping Biological Patents: Semantic Textual Analysis of Patent Rights & Patent Data in Comparison with Known Biological Data”. Her forward-looking interests are concerned with the evolution of property norms as a driver of global trade flows, and the future of intangible property rights is personal and biological data.  Kimani Goddard is originally from the small Caribbean island of Saint Lucia.

Research Interests

  • Sui Generis Intellectual Property
  • Systems and Institutions of Intangible Property
  • Intellectual Property Protection in International Investment Agreements and International Trade Law 
  • Copyright Law , Collective Management and Digital Copyright Law
  • Big Data, GDPR and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Patent Law, Information Technology and Sui Generis Property Rights in Biotechnology Innovation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property Rights