Alexandra Eugster

Eugster, Alexandra

Research Assistant

Alexandra Eugster joined the WTI in August 2020 as a research assistant to Professor Damian Raess. She helped build a data set pertaining to labor rights in Brazil, which is currently being used for further research at the WTI. She also helped organise the 2021 World Trade Forum hosted by the WTI. She is currently interested in FDI and ECS data, and is hoping to contribute to research on the impact of Foreign Direct Investment on labor standards. 

Alexandra holds a Bachelor's Degree in Statistics from the University of Central Florida (UCF) and is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Applied Economic Analysis at the University of Bern. Prior to working at the WTI, she worked as a research assistant for the Karen L. Smith Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Central Florida. There she was able to determine factors in and out of the classroom which contributed to students' success.