Special Lecture and Brown Bag Seminar podcasts

Many WTI special lectures and brown bag seminars are available as podcasts. To listen, please click on the title.

Beyond Rational Choice: The Behavioral Political Economy of Protectionism
Tea Time Talk by Prof. Dr. Anne van Aaken, University of Hamburg – 20.06.2019
* For PhD students: This lecture in law is eligible as part of the PhD seminar series.

Circular Economy and Trade: Why this relationship matters?
Brown Bag seminar by Dr. Henrique Pacini, Eonomic Affairs Officer at UNCTAD – 28.05.2019
* For PhD students: This lecture in economics is eligible as part of the PhD seminar series.

Trade Liberalization and Employment Informality in Peru
Brown Bag seminar by Dr. Emmanuel Milet, University of Geneva – 01.05.2019
* For PhD students: This lecture in economics is eligible as part of the PhD seminar series.

Loan conversions and currency mismatches: Undoing Swiss franc mortgage loans in Eastern Europe
Brown Bag seminar by Dr. Pinar Yeşin, Economic Advisor at the Swiss National Bank and an Economics Lecturer at the University of Zurich – 26.03.2019
* For PhD students: This lecture in economics is eligible as part of the PhD seminar series.

The Demand-Side Politics of China’s Global Buying Spree: Individual Attitudes toward Chinese Inward FDI Flows in Comparative Perspective
Brown Bag seminar by SNSF Prof. Damian Raess – 12.03.2019
* For PhD students: This lecture in political science is eligible as part of the PhD seminar series.

External podcasts

A Different US-China Fight Hits the Headlines
Trade Talks podcast by Soumaya Keynes and Chad Bown - 5 November 2019
Keynes and Bown speak with former WTO AB member Peter Van den Bossche (World Trade Institute) about American complaints over judicial activism, overreach, and precedent at the WTO. – 05.11.2019

Past years

Special Lecture and Brown Bag Seminar Podcasts from 2016 to 2018

Global Financial Reform and Crisis Management Protocols: Indonesia's Experience
Global Economic Governance Seminar Series lecture by Prof. Muliaman Hadad Ph.D., Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to CH and LI – 22.10.18

Canada's Progressive Trade Agenda
Distinguished Lecture by Stephen de Boer, Canada's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the WTO  – 25.04.18

Who Decides What? Judicial Deference in International Economic Adjudication
Brown Bag seminar by Johannes Fahner, PhD student, University of Luxembourg – 01.02.2018

Iran's Accession to the WTO: An Impediment or a Catalyst for Development?
Brown Bag seminar by Dr Sadeq Z. Bigdeli, member of the Law Faculty at Shahid Beheshti University (Tehran) – 09.11.17

How Many Hands to Make Sanctions Work?
Brown Bag seminar by Gerald Schneider, Professor of International Politics and Executive Editor of European Union Politics – 19.10.2017

U.S. Foreign Policy under Trump: Implications for Europe and Global Trade
Brown Bag seminar by Dr James Lindsay, Senior Vice President, Director of Studies, and Maurice R. Greenberg chair at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) –14.09.17

Brexit: A view from north of the border
Brown Bag seminar by Ian Wooton, Professor of Economics and Vice-Dean at Strathclyde Business School, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow – 01.06.2017

Atomized Incorporation: State-Labor Relations in Contemporary China
Brown Bag seminar by Sungmin Rho, Assistant Professor of International Relations and Political Science at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies – 09.05.2017

Implications of non-compliance with technical NTMs: The case of Chilean food related export refusals at the US border
Brown Bag seminar by Sofia Boza, Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and in the Institute of International Studies, University of Chile – 26.04.2017

Economic Development and Forest Cover: Evidence from Satellite Data
Brown Bag seminar by Jesús Crespo Cuaresma, Professor of Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business – 30.03.2017

Taking Trade Personally: The Effects of Personal-Vote Cultivation on Barriers to International Trade in Representative Democracies
Brown Bag seminar by Patrick Wagner, PhD Candidate at the World Trade Institute28.02.2017

Inside the arbitrator’s mind
Brown Bag seminar by Anne van Aaken, Professor for Law and Economics, Legal Theory, Public International Law and European Law at the University of St Gallen  13.02.2017

International Trading System Goes Fishing
Brown Bag seminar by Amin Alavi, consultant, lecturer and legal analyst on international trade matters – 01.02.2017

The Puzzle of Peace: The Evolution of Peace in the International System
Brown Bag seminar by Gary Goertz, Professor of Political Science and Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame 09.12.2016

Good, bad or ugly? An empirical study of the resort to investment arbitration
Brown Bag seminar by Cédric Dupont, Professor of International Relations and Political Science and Director of Executive Education at the Graduate Institute, Geneva –  09.12.2016

The revised GPA – More Scope for Green Public Procurement?
Brown Bag seminar by Marc Steiner, Judge to the Swiss Federal Administrative Court – 30.11.2016

Arbitration in China - An Overview
Brown Bag seminar by Dr Fan Yang, Director of the International Dispute Resolution Academy 09.11.2016

Germany's Interest in the WTO
Brown Bag seminar by Ambassador Walter Hugo Werner, Head of the WTO Unit at the Permanent Mission of Germany in Geneva and Alternate Permanent Representative to the WTO – 19.10.2016

Ruling the Market: Economic Geography, Political institutions and Subsidies
Brown Bag seminar by Stephanie Rickard, Associate Professor, London School of Economics Department of Government – 11.10.2016

Bounded Rationality and Economic Diplomacy: The Politics of Investment Treaties in Developing Countries
Podcast of special lecture held by Dr Lauge Poulsen, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor, University College London at the World Trade Institute 20.09.2016

Regionalism in Latin America
Podcast of Brown Bag Seminar given by Alberto van Klaveren, Professor of International Relations at the University of Chile and former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile at the World Trade Institute – 14.09.2016