Special Lecture and Brown Bag Seminar podcasts

Many WTI special lectures and brown bag seminars are available as podcasts. To listen, please click on the title.

The Global Sustainable Development Report (only PowerPoint presentation)
Brown Bag seminar by Peter Messerli, director of the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) of the University of Bern - 20.02.2020

Epistemic Communities and the Ordolegal Culture of Privatizing International Law
Brown Bag seminar by P. Sean Morris, researcher, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki – 28.11.2019

Trade Liberalization and Labor Market Institutions
Brown Bag seminar by Aydin Yildirim, World Trade Institute – 22.11.2019

Beyond Rational Choice: The Behavioral Political Economy of Protectionism
Tea Time Talk by Prof. Dr. Anne van Aaken, University of Hamburg – 20.06.2019

Circular Economy and Trade: Why this relationship matters?
Brown Bag seminar by Dr. Henrique Pacini, Eonomic Affairs Officer at UNCTAD – 28.05.2019

Trade Liberalization and Employment Informality in Peru
Brown Bag seminar by Dr. Emmanuel Milet, University of Geneva – 01.05.2019

Loan conversions and currency mismatches: Undoing Swiss franc mortgage loans in Eastern Europe
Brown Bag seminar by Dr. Pinar Yeşin, Economic Advisor at the Swiss National Bank and an Economics Lecturer at the University of Zurich – 26.03.2019

The Demand-Side Politics of China’s Global Buying Spree: Individual Attitudes toward Chinese Inward FDI Flows in Comparative Perspective
Brown Bag seminar by SNSF Prof. Damian Raess – 12.03.2019