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17 Oct 2014

“The WTI offers us a different perspective”

The WTI has in recent months strengthened cooperation with Indian institutions and launched a new international trade law course in New Delhi. Partly as a result of this increased visibility, no fewer than five students from India are enrolled on this year’s Master of International Law and Economics (MILE). In this interview Rishab Raturi, Vinitha Johnson, Sayoni Chadhuri, Varun Eknath and Gayatri Sashidharan explain why it was important for their careers to come to the WTI.
22 Oct 2014

High-level Vietnamese delegation visits WTI

A delegation from the Vietnamese Ministry of Finance visited the WTI on 21 October during a week-long working visit to Switze ...
15 Oct 2014

PhD Candidate presents food security paper at Granada conference

Carolina Palma, a trade lawyer and professor from Costa Rica who is doing her PhD at the World Trade Institute, presented a p ...
21 Oct 2014

WTI presence at World Investment Forum

There was a strong WTI presence at the biennial World Investment Forum held from 13 to 16 October in Geneva. The high-level e ...
14 Oct 2014

Doctoral Programme stages annual retreat

Resident and non-resident PhD candidates have just returned from a two-day retreat, hosted by the MSB Montreux School of Busi ...

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