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26 Aug 2015

World Trade Forum to assess WTO past and future

The WTI is preparing to host this year’s annual World Trade Forum on the topic of 20 Years of the WTO: Past Performance and Ongoing Challenges.
11 Aug 2015

Warm praise from students for Summer Academy experience

The 2015 Summer Academy on New Frontiers in Trade and Investment Governance, which wrapped up on 7 August, received good mark ...
31 Jul 2015

WTI faculty advise Kazakhstan over WTO accession

Kazakhstan is set to become the 162nd member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) after the General Council approved members ...
04 Aug 2015

Indian Joint Academy goes from strength to strength

A new summer programme in trade law held in Delhi and organised jointly by the WTI and the Centre for WTO Studies of the Indi ...
29 Jul 2015

The WTO at 20: achievements and challenges

What expectations and hopes lay behind the creation of the World Trade Organization, and 20 years on how have these been real ...

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