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12 Dec 2014

WTI co-hosts international investment agreements workshop

The I3: International Investment Initiative of the WTI co-hosted a very successful workshop on "The Political economy of International Investment Agreements", with the German Development Institute (Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik, DIE) at DIE’s offices in Bonn on 8-9 December.
16 Dec 2014

Third WTI course taught in Brazil

Arthur Appleton of the WTI and Jan Bohanes of the Advisory Centre on WTO Law have just returned from a week in Brasilia where ...
03 Dec 2014

Food Security: Mapping Risks, Building Resilience

WTI senior researcher Christian Häberli was invited to present his views at the annual Food Security conference at Chatham Ho ...
05 Dec 2014

Former PhD doctoral candidate takes up senior lecturer post

Malebakeng Forere, who completed her doctorate last year within the SECO-WTI academic cooperation programme and returned to h ...
03 Dec 2014

WTI Elves Spread Christmas Cheer

A group of WTI staff and researchers will be visiting the children’s hospital in Bern on 18 December to perform a sketch and ...

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