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20 Jan 2015

WTI researcher presents at international government procurement conference

WTI senior researcher and faculty member Anirudh Shingal presented the case of India at a recent conference on the internationalisation of government procurement regulation at the European University Institute in Florence.
14 Jan 2015

WTI faculty address trade and investment governance in India

On 9-11 January 2015, WTI faculty members Arthur Appleton (Appleton Luff) and Pierre Sauvé (WTI Director of External Programm ...
07 Jan 2015

New WTI book on investor-State arbitration

Edited by Shaheeza Lalani and Rodrigo Polanco, The Role of the State in Investor-State Arbitration is a collection of contrib ...
09 Jan 2015

From Bern to Brussels: a MILE student on the road to success

Lester-Jon Naidoo, a graduate of MILE 14, went straight from Bern to Brussels, where he works as a legal advisor for EU Regul ...
30 Dec 2014

New MILE modules for the new year

Beginning on 5 January 2015, Term 2 of the Master of International Law and Economics programme will include one new and one r ...

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