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22 Oct 2014

Christian Häberli addresses food security conference

How can the world feed its population – expected to grow to over eight billion over the next 20 years – when one person in eight is already experiencing hunger? The Academia Engelberg Dialogue on Science from 15 to 17 October discussed approaches to resolve this problem.
22 Oct 2014

High-level Vietnamese delegation visits WTI

A delegation from the Vietnamese Ministry of Finance visited the WTI on 21 October during a week-long working visit to Switze ...
17 Oct 2014

“The WTI offers us a different perspective”

The WTI has in recent months strengthened cooperation with Indian institutions and launched a new international trade law cou ...
21 Oct 2014

WTI presence at World Investment Forum

There was a strong WTI presence at the biennial World Investment Forum held from 13 to 16 October in Geneva. The high-level e ...
15 Oct 2014

PhD Candidate presents food security paper at Granada conference

Carolina Palma, a trade lawyer and professor from Costa Rica who is doing her PhD at the World Trade Institute, presented a p ...

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