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22 May 2015

MILE Alumni Profile: Ricardo Guilherme

Ricardo Guilherme graduated from the MILE programme ten years ago. After a stint in Geneva he returned to Bern, taking up a legal position at the Universal Postal Union. The native of Brazil says MILE was invaluable to him in building up a professional network and progressing in his career.
19 May 2015

Nanotech materials – the role of liability and insurance

Commercial products containing synthetic nanomaterials may range from safe food additives to potentially explosive products. ...
05 May 2015

Swiss academia grapples with commodities and trade

On 21 April, a group of scholars and stakeholders discussed research gaps in the field of commodities and trade at an academi ...
01 May 2015

Is food security an issue for Switzerland?

Around the world the resources for agricultural production – soil, water, biodiversity - are under pressure as the population ...
24 Apr 2015

WTI-organised conference to examine achievements of the Pacific Alliance

PhD candidate and WTI/SECO researcher Rodrigo Polanco is organising a conference with WTI Director of External Programmes Pie ...

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