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21 Nov 2014

MILE Alumni Profile: Agnė Sovaitė

MILE 11 graduate Agnė Sovaitė works for a law firm in Lithuania where she deals mainly with issues of European Union and local law. As Lithuania’s economy develops she is also required to give advice on the cross-border provision of services, and is grateful for the understanding of international trade issues she acquired on the MILE programme.
19 Nov 2014

WTI researchers present papers at US law conference

A group of World Trade Institute researchers participated in the American Society of International Law (ASIL) International E ...
12 Nov 2014

WTI researcher to take part in EU migration meeting

Rosa Maria Losada, a research fellow and PhD candidate at the WTI, has been invited to participate in a meeting of the Europe ...
14 Nov 2014

Manfred Elsig addresses Europa Forum

The explosion in the number of preferential trade agreements (PTAs) since 1990, and the leading role of European countries in ...
07 Nov 2014

WTI, Externado University agree on cooperation

The World Trade Institute (WTI) is pleased to announce its intention to promote academic and research cooperation with the Fa ...

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