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27 Nov 2015

NCCR researcher presents at TRAPCA conference

Dr Kateryna Holzer, an NCCR post-doctoral fellow, presented a paper at the 10th annual conference of the Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa (TRAPCA), held in Arusha, Tanzania, on 19-20 November.
25 Nov 2015

WTI co-hosts Pacific Alliance conference in Bogotá

“The Pacific Alliance in a World of Preferential Trade Agreements - Lessons in Comparative Regionalism” was the title of an i ...
23 Nov 2015

WTI managing director discusses WTO Annual Report

The World Trade Organization released its flagship World Trade Report on 26 October in Geneva. Professor Joseph Francois of t ...
24 Nov 2015

WTI plays role in inaugural ASEAN Economic Integration Forum

The inaugural ASEAN Economic Integration Forum jointly organised by the Asian Studies Centre, St. Antony’s College; the World ...
20 Nov 2015

‘Timely’ lecture examines trade and investment rules' impact on climate action

Just a few weeks before the Climate Summit (COP21, Paris) and the Tenth WTO Ministerial Meeting in Nairobi, a guest lecture b ...

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