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The World Trade Institute (WTI) is a leading academic institution dedicated to studies, teaching and research in international trade and investment regulation, economic globalisation and sustainability. As a centre of excellence at the University of Bern with an international, interdisciplinary focus, we explore the interconnections between the fields of law, economics and political science.

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3 Apr 2020 | News

My Winter/Summer Academy Experience at the WTI: Christine Jiang - Registration for the 2020 Summer Academy open NOW

Each year, the WTI offers courses covering cutting-edge issues in trade and investment law and policy which are de­signed for professionals as well as advanced master and PhD students. The Winter and Summer Academies also attract a vast number of people from abroad who wish to strengthen their knowledge and ...

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31 Mar 2020 | News

Virtual Summit | Re-thinking and taking action in the COVID-19 time

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented disruption to trade worldwide. What are international trade experts saying with regard to the development of a new strategic plan and common response to this global challenge?

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25 Mar 2020 | News

Post-WTI Life: WTI and my recent experience as an Intern at the WTO

Do you wonder what's in store for you immediately after graduating from the WTI? Shishira Johny from India recently completed the TRAIL+ programme in Bern and is now doing an internship in the Trade in Service and Investment Division at the WTO in Geneva. Find out how the TRAIL+ programme ...

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