Master's Programme (MILE)


Be a MILE ahead!

Looking to embark on a rewarding career in international trade? Then you have come to the right place. The Master of Advanced Studies in International Law and Economics (MILE) programme is designed for students and young professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge of international trade and investment in the fields of law, economics and political science.

*** We expect that by August 2020 the latest the COVID-19 crisis will be over in Switzerland and that the MILE advanced master programme at the WTI will start as scheduled in mid-September. We look forward to welcoming new students in Bern. However, in case students cannot, or prefer not, to travel in September yet, please be advised that all courses will also be offered online. Students starting the MILE programme online can at any time during the academic year proceed with their studies in Bern.***

Why the MILE

What makes the MILE programme unique is the interdisciplinary approach to the study of international economic governance.

Professor Peter Van den Bossche, WTI Director of Studies

Established in 1999, the Master of Advanced Studies in International Law and Economics (MILE) is the flagship programme of the World Trade Institute. It is one of the world’s leading programmes of advanced studies in the field of international trade regulation and has close ties to the WTI’s research portfolio. The programme uniquely combines a multidisciplinary perspective with a strong applied focus. In addition to our resident faculty, we bring in the world’s leading trade experts from law firms, international organisations, policy research institutes and top universities.

What we offer

  • A one-year, intensive graduate programme (can also be taken part-time)
  • Teaching and guidance from world-class scholars and practitioners - recruited from leading universities, international organisations, think tanks and global law firms
  • Highly applicable real-world knowledge and the latest research developments in international trade and investment regulation, and economics
  • A vibrant alumni network with over 500 members worldwide
  • Strong networks and mentoring programmes to help students secure internships and entry-level positions

What you bring

  • The MILE is designed for students and professionals with a background in law, economics, international relations or political science, who wish to embark on a career in international trade and investment

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