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18 Apr 2018 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Verona Collantes

A graduate of the second MILE intake, Verona Collantes advocates for gender equality and the empowerment of women in the climate change process and was a contributor to the Paris Agreement. She says the WTI master’s programme opened doors for her at the WTO and UN in Geneva paving the ...

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11 Apr 2018 | Event

Upcoming event: Distinguished lecture by Canadian Ambassador Stephen de Boer on 25 April

Stephen de Boer, Canada's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the WTO in Geneva will deliver a distinguished lecture on 'Canada's Progressive Trade Agenda'. The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception.

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4 Apr 2018 | News

Alumnus publishes book based on his PhD thesis

Karolis Gudas, who completed his PhD in law at the World Trade Institute last year, has published a book based on his research: The Law and Policy of International Trade in Electricity.

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28 Mar 2018 | News

World Trade Forum 2018 book project: Call for proposals

The World Trade Forum 2018 co-organised by the World Trade Institute will take place at the European University Institute Florence on 28 and 29 September. This year's topic is 'International Trade, Foreign Investment, and the Sustainable Development Agenda'.

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27 Mar 2018 | News

1st Swiss UN day hears call for countries to put common concerns first

Environmental change, trade wars and migration - the international community is currently facing huge challenges. Switzerland too, 15 years after it joined the United Nations, is challenged to consider its role and whether that includes being a bridge-builder to a better world.

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21 Mar 2018 | News

MILE graduate: scholarships enabled me to pursue an unpaid internship

Hiba Batool, a graduate of the 2017 MILE master’s programme, was the first recipient of two new WTI scholarships: the John Jackson Internship award (JJIF) and the World Bank Geneva Internship Programme award. She gave us this interview on completion of her six-month internship at the International Trade Centre, ITC, ...

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16 Mar 2018 | News

Examining the geoeconomics of the 21st century

Michael Lind, co-founder and fellow of the think tank New America, gave a lecture at the WTI on 14 March focused on the geoeconomics of the 21st century and the prospects for global growth following the great recession of 2008-9.

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15 Mar 2018 | News

WTI researcher awarded prize for legal thesis

WTI associate researcher Charlotte Sieber-Gasser has been awarded the prestigious Walther Hug prize for her PhD thesis completed at the WTI.

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13 Mar 2018 | News

Trade Lecture on WTO dispute settlement held in Geneva

The second lecture in the Trade Lecture Sessions at the WTO series – on the subject of ‘The Future of WTO Dispute Settlement’ – took place on Friday 9 March at the World Trade Organization in Geneva.

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12 Mar 2018 | News

Protecting labour rights in PTAs: the role of trade unions (and more)

SNSF Professor Damian Raess has just published an article entitled “Protecting labor rights in PTAs: the role of trade unions, left governments, and skilled labor” (co-authored with Andreas Dür, and Dora Sari) in The Review of International Organizations (see abstract below).

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7 Mar 2018 | News

Policy brief: Proposed US tariffs on steel will cost five jobs for every one gained

If the United States goes ahead with applying tariffs on steel and aluminium imports a ripple effect will be felt throughout the economy, according to a policy paper by Joseph Francois, Managing Director of the World Trade Institute, and Laura M. Baughman, President of the Trade Partnership.

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16 Feb 2018 | News

MILE Alumni Profiles: Mohamad Fakhreddin

Mohamad Fakhreddin, a graduate of the MILE 15 intake, studied industrial engineering before changing tack to follow an interest in business and social entrepreneurship. After working at the International Trade Centre in Geneva, he is now studying for a doctorate in Germany. Mohamad had the opportunity to talk about his ...

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16 Feb 2018 | News

Full house at Brown Bag seminar by Christian Häberli

With the experience and insights that only a panellist in 20 stages of five WTO dispute settlement cases can have, WTI Fellow Christian Häberli gave a Brown Bag lunch seminar at the WTI on 15 February on the topic: WTO Dispute Settlement: How Does it Really Work?

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14 Feb 2018 | News

Alumni represent WTI at Gujarat International Moot Court

The 10th edition of the Gujarat International Moot Court (GIMC) competition, of which the WTI has been a proud sponsor for nine years, took place at Gujarat National Law University (GNLU), India from 7 to 11 February.

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7 Feb 2018 | News

New look Summer Academy offers trade and investment tracks

The WTI’s annual Summer Academy to be held from 9 to 27 July this year follows a dual-track approach for the first time, offering courses on trade and sustainable development and also on investment topics.

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31 Jan 2018 | News

WTI and Ecuadorean university USFQ sign cooperation agreement

The World Trade Institute (WTI) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), Ecuador.

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26 Jan 2018 | News

Political scientist awarded PhD

Simon Wüthrich, a doctoral researcher in political science at the WTI since 2015, was awarded his PhD at a ceremony of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Bern on 23 January.

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10 Jan 2018 | News

Graduate presents at WTO Ministerial Conference

Rutendo Tavengerwei, a recent graduate of the MILE master’s programme, was invited to speak at a session on trade facilitation during the WTO’s 11th Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires in December.

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9 Jan 2018 | News

Opening up the northern sea route will “change the face of trade”

With the Arctic ice melting faster than ever before it is now just a matter of time until the northern sea route connecting Europe to Asia is open to shipping all year round.

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20 Dec 2017 | Publication

Labour clauses in trade agreements promote Southern exports to the North

Column in VOX EU by Céline Carrère, Marcelo Olarreaga and Damian Raess ABSTRACT: Protecting workers through the inclusion of labour clauses in trade agreements has become more common since the first such causes were included in NAFTA, but some argue that by increasing labour costs in developing countries, they represent ...

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