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Trade-related topics

WTI faculty and researchers can provide interviews on the following areas:

-    Trade & migration
-    Trade & environment/climate
-    Trade & investment
-    Trade & agriculture/food security
-    Trade & energy
-    Trade & commodities
-    Trade & development
-    Trade & intellectual property
-    Trade & emerging technologies
-    Trade in services
-    Trade & human rights

We can also provide interview partners on specific topical issues, such as US trade policy, multilateral trade agreements, digital technology, Swiss-EU relations and Brexit. We are happy to handle your requests for interviews in English, German, French or other languages. To arrange an interview, obtain a comment, or for further information, please contact Sophia Thompson.

High resolution photos of WTI premises and management are available in the Press Downloads section. Please credit @wti

Media Files

In the Press (2018)

In the Press (2018)

Swiss Bid for Sustainable Food May Run It Into Trade Trouble

Switzerland is set to vote on two measures intended to foster sustainable, local agriculture that could greatly complicate the import of foodstuff to the land-locked, mountainous country. Christian Häberli

21 Sep 2018


In the Press (2018)

Sind die US-Strafzölle illegal?

News article questioning whether the US steel tariffs are legal, quoting Christian Häberli

5 Jun 2018

Tagesschau, Germany

In the Press (2018)

Die Tücken im Handel mit China

Professor Joseph Francois discusses Swiss-China trade relations with Christoph Aebischer from the Bund / Tagesanzeiger.

26 Apr 2018

Der Bund / Tagesanzeiger

In the Press (2018)

Auch die EU schaltet die WTO ein

News report quoting Michael Hahn on the EU complaint to the WTO over US steel and aluminium tariffs

17 Apr 2018


In the Press (2018)

Bloss ein leeres Versprechen

Article about Swiss agriculture policy and sustainability quoting WTI Fellow Christian Häberli

23 Mar 2018


In the Press (earlier)

In the Press (earlier)

"Handel ist eine Blackbox"

Interview in German with Thomas Cottier on free trade, the WTO, and Switzerland's trade relations with the EU.

14 Dec 2017


In the Press (earlier)

Comment la Suisse se joue de l'OMC

Article (in French) on Swiss export subsidies quoting WTI Fellow Christian Häberli in his capacity as part-time WTO judge.

8 Jun 2017


In the Press (earlier)

Am Wendepunkt

Interview (in German) with Manfred Elsig on the challenges to globalisation

19 Jun 2017


In the Press (earlier)

Wie die Schweiz die WTO austrickst

Original article (in German) on Swiss export subsidies quoting WTI Fellow Christian Häberli in his capacity as part-time WTO judge.

8 Jun 2017


In the Press (earlier)

How powerful is Donald Trump?

Article looking at the relationship between the President and Congress, quoting Manfred Elsig.

19 Apr 2017

World Finance

In the Press (earlier)

Die Suche nach dem Befreiungsschlag

Comment piece by Joelle de Sépibus on implementation of the Swiss mass immigration initiative

16 Mar 2017

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

In the Press (earlier)

Who’s Really Paying for the Wall?

Blog post by Joseph Francois and Laura Baughman on the Trump administration's plans to charge Mexico for the construction of a border wall.

16 Feb 2017

Global Trade

In the Press (earlier)

Trump ist US-Präsident

US election night anaylsis in German by Prof. Manfred Elsig

9 Nov 2016

20 MInuten

In the Press (earlier)

Globale Nachwehen

Interview with Joseph Francois about the effects of globalisation on international trade and the importance of expanding the political dialogue to find solutions.

15 Sep 2016


In the Press (earlier)

Schweizer Forscher gelten als Risiko

Report on new research project on migration quoting Rosa Maria Losada and Joseph Francois

21 Jun 2016

Berner Zeitung, Zurichsee-Zeitung

In the Press (earlier)

Freihandel statt Abschottung

Commentary on TTIP quoting the WTI study into its impact on the EU

20 May 2016

Finanz und Wirtschaft

In the Press (earlier)

Das Mega-Abkommen und die Schweiz

Article in German/French about TTIP agriculture event held in Bern on 8 April 2016 and involving Charlotte Sieber and Elisabeth Bürgi-Bonanomi of the WTI

22 Apr 2016

Alimenta 8/16

In the Press (earlier)

Gesucht: Weg aus der Sackgasse

Article referring to study by Joëlle de Sépibus and Cenni Najy on the protective clause that Switzerland is invoking over the free movement of people accord with the EU

21 Feb 2016


In the Press (earlier)

Nachtübung – und ein volles Haus

News article about the Spirit of Bern conference that featured presentations by WTI faculty Joseph Francois and Mira Burri

18 Jan 2016

Der Bund

In the Press (earlier)

Digitaler Handel stürzt Regulatoren ins Dilemma

Der globale Datenverkehr ist die Basis der neuen digitalen Wirtschaft – entsprechend frei soll er fliessen. Doch damit schwinden die Möglichkeiten der einzelnen Staaten, etwa die Privatsphäre ihrer Bürger oder die nationale Sicherheit zu schützen. Was tun in diesem Dilemma?

16 Dec 2015

Mira Burri, Unipress

In the Press (earlier)

TTIP ist dem Untergang geweiht

Das Freihandelsabkommen zwischen USA und EU wird nie Realität werden, sagt der frühere kanadische Handelsdiplomat Pierre Sauvé.

15 Oct 2015

Der Standard

Video/Audio (2018)

Video/Audio (2018)


Cristian Häberli was interviewed on the WTO rights and obligations in respect of US tariff increases and other countries‘ responses (interview in German).

23 Jul 2018

with Massimo Agostinis from Wirtschaftsmagazin Trend (SRF)

Video/Audio (2018)

USA verhängt Strafzölle gegen die EU

Christian Häberli interviewed on the US decision to impose import tariffs on steel and aluminium from the EU and how Switzerland could be affected.

31 May 2018

SRF 10 vor 10

Video/Audio (2018)

Die Schweiz vor schwieriger Entscheidung

Interview with Michael Hahn on EU blocking statute to oppose US sanctions on Iran and whether Switzerland should join in.

23 May 2018

SRF radio, Echo der Zeit

Video/Audio (2018)


Michael Hahn interviewed about the EU complaint to the WTO over US tariffs on steel and aluminium

17 Apr 2018

SRF 4 News

Video/Audio (2018)

Freihandel unter Beschuss

Report on the threat of China-US trade war with comments from Christian Häberli

9 Apr 2018


Video/Audio (2018)

China im Visier der USA

Interview with Manfred Elsig about US imposition of import duties on China

23 Mar 2018

SRF radio, Echo der Zeit

Video/Audio (2018)

Five Live Drive news

Interview with Joseph Francois about President Trump's announced new tariffs (from 2.10)

9 Mar 2018

BBC Radio 5 Live

Video/Audio (2018)

Joseph Francois sieht keinen Handelskrieg

Joseph Francois interviewed on Swiss German television (dubbed in German) about President Trump's threat to impose steel tariffs.

2 Mar 2018

SRF TV, Tagesschau

Video/Audio (earlier)

Video/Audio (earlier)

Trump – ein Jahr nach der Wahl

Roundtable discussion in Swiss German about what President Trump has achieved in the year since he was elected. Manfred Elsig is one of the panellists.

7 Nov 2017

SRF TV, Der Club

Video/Audio (earlier)

Regionalism in Latin America

Podcast of Brown Bag Seminar given by Alberto van Klaveren, Professor of International Relations at the University of Chile and former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile at the World Trade Institute.

14 Sep 2016

WTI Brown Bag Podcast

Video/Audio (earlier)

WTO: Kein Durchbruch in Sicht

Report ahead of the WTI Ministerial in Nairobi with comments from Prof Manfred Elsig

15 Dec 2015


Press Downloads

Press Downloads

WTI management images (zip)

Pictures in high resolution of WTI Managing Director Joseph Francois, Deputy Managing Director Manfred Elsig, Director Michael Hahn and Director of Studies Peter Van den Bossche available for media use. Please credit @wti (97 mb)

4 Jul 2018


Press Downloads

WTI images general (zip)

High resolution photos of WTI premises. Please credit @wti (23,696 kb)

24 Feb 2016


Press Downloads

TTIP press releases (zip)

English and German versions of a WTI study for AmCham EU on the benefits of TTIP for the EU (302 kb)

17 Feb 2016