A global network


Tap into our global network

WTI experts look at the different challenges we face today from an economic, legal and political science perspective. We build networks globally with international institutions and high-profile academic partners and support clients with high quality research-based consultancy advice, training courses and technical assistance. In all our activities we ensure our clients, as well as society as a whole, benefit from the World Trade Institute's global network and the latest academic research insights.

Global network and partners

To increase international outreach and have an impact across the globe, the WTI is building relationships with other (academic) institutions and organisations. The purpose of this global network of partners is to conduct joint research, facilitate staff and student exchanges, organise joint summer schools and develop joint Diplomas of Advanced Studies (DAS) or Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) programmes. In its medium-term outreach strategy, the WTI has committed to further increasing its global outreach by bringing in new partners.

The WTI has signed Memoranda of Understanding, cooperation agreements or joint long-term projects with the following:

In addition, please check out all exchange agreements of the University of Bern for research stays, temporary placements and transfers.

For more information, or if you are interested in exploring partnership possibilities, please contact the Outreach team.


The World Trade Institute is proud to be an Education Partner of ELSA, the European Law Student Association.

WTI Fellows for Outreach

In addition to our formal network at the institutional level, the WTI realises that many challenges that societies face require very specific levels of expertise, not all of which the WTI has in-house. From 2016, the WTI is building a network of 'WTI Fellows' to work more closely with top experts in their fields on specific occasions.