23 Mar 2023

Sexual Harassment Awareness Day (SHAD)

"The University of Bern is committed to an environment free of any kind of discrimination. We fight against all forms of sexism (discrimination of people because of their gender) and sexual harassment. Everybody has the right to have their personal integrity protected and their personal boundaries respected at work and during their studies."

Prof. Dr. Christian Leumann, Rector University of Bern

Today, we join the University of Bern and other Swiss universities in taking a stand against sexism and sexual harassment.

At the World Trade Institute and at the University of Bern we do not tolerate sexual harassment or sexism. Creative studying and working can only take place in a climate of trust and mutual respect. Together we want to ensure that all members of the University can study and work in a safe and respectful environment. Swiss higher education institutions are working together to achieve this – see this video with messages from different rectors.

Today, 23 March 2023, the national day against sexual harassment at universities, various events will take place at the University of Bern, including a performance by the rapper Big Zis. In addition, there will be more online workshops, discussion rounds and reading corners on this day. You can find all the information, including contact information and counselling resources, on the Unibe website www.respekt.unibe.ch.