7 Nov 2011

Doctoral Conference on Migration 4.-5. November 2011, Solothurn

Organised by the Centre for Legal Studies in Migration, Lisa Salcedo Pfeiffer and Charlotte Sieber-Gasser contributed to the first doctoral conference on migration in Switzerland. The conference included doctoral students from all of Switzerland and all disciplines.

Topics presented were ranging from issues related to Schengen/Dublin and EU-law, extradition of Sans-Papiers and other questions of treatment of asylum-seekers, the criminalisation of immigration, and the legal status of temporary and permanent immigrants in Switzerland. The contributions from the NCCR researchers, both related to international trade law, constituted a welcome addition to the general field of migration studies in Switzerland. Given the broad range of topics and disciplines, the conference provided an ideal platform for interdisciplinary discussions and exchange of ideas. Following the experiences of the conference, the doctoral researchers have launched a network for migration studies which is aiming at institutionalising an academic dialogue on migration studies among young researchers in Switzerland.