29 Apr 2012

Food security worldwide: Discussion on Swiss TV

Philipp Aerni, researcher at the World Trade Institute and NCCR Trade Regulation discussed options to feed the world, in a special full-length discussion programme aired on Swiss television.

An ongoing debate tackles the question of why one billion of the world's seven billion people are still suffering from hunger. What are the necessary factors that could assure that the whole of humankind has sufficient food? Some educational events have recently concentrated on how to frame the question properly. The ETH Zurich has held a couple of talks and public lectures relating to world food security. Furthermore, Swiss television has looked for answers in a recent programme. Experts included Philipp Aerni, agricultural economist, affiliated to the World Trade Institute, NCCR Trade Regulation and the ETH Zurich and Franz Fischler, who was the European Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries from 1995 to 2004.
Full video stream available, see box on the right.