28 Jun 2023

Prof Elisa Fornalé at MEDCOP CLIMATE - Tangier 2023

The Swiss Embassy invited Prof Elisa Fornalé as Swiss representative to the MEDCOP Climate conference on Gender and Climate Change.

On 22-23 June, the 3rd MEDCOP Climate conference took place in Tangier, Morocco. It is the most important meeting of Mediterranean territories for climate action.

MedCop is a process of consolidating a Mediterranean dynamic for local climate action and generating operational tools to accelerate COPs goals achievement. In fact, to support the process of combating climate change, integrated strategies have been put in place at the basin level. The Mediterranean area has a wealth of actors active in the fight against climate change and likely to support the implementation of the NDCs but also to increase the ambition of climate action.

Under the title "From COP27 to Cop 28: MEDCOP driving climate action in the Mediterranean at local and regional levels", the conference addressed several local-dimensions isses. Prof Elisa Fornalé presented in Session 2: "How to advance gender equality in climate change response".