10 Jul 2023

An MoU with Peru

Last week marked the first leg of a lecturing and conference tour in South America for the WTI's Prof. Van den Bossche.

On 3 July, Prof. Van den Bossche, the WTI Director of Studies, lectured on ‘The WTO Dispute Settlement Crisis: Options and Prospects for Reform?’ and conducted a workshop for Peruvian trade officials on ‘Current Issues in International Trade Governance’. Later that evening, he gave a guest lecture at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Peru (PUCP) to the master’s students of Prof. Victor Saco Chung.

On 4 July, Van den Bossche was received by H.E. Mme. Ana Cecilia Gervasi Diaz, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru, where a memorandum of understanding was signed on future cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the WTI. The Diplomatic Academy of Peru and the WTI will work together to offer regular training programmes on international trade, investment and sustainable development to Peruvian diplomats.

On 5 July, in Arequipa, Peru’s second largest city, Van den Bossche conducted a workshop at the Universidad Católica de Santa Maria (UCSM) at the invitation of Dean Mauricio Meza Riqueilme and Prof. Saulo Peralta Franzis. The topic, ‘The WTO Consistency of Trade-Related Climate Measures’, was presented to UCSM colleagues. In the evening he spoke on ‘The Multilateral Trading System in Uncertain and Dangerous Times’, but this time for 300-plus UCSM students and academic staff.

Van den Bossche was lucky enough to meet with Peruvian alumni in Lima, Arequipa and Cusco all week.