20 Sep 2023

WTI Alumni get-together in Geneva

More than 50 students, alumni and WTI faculty members participated in the annual WTI alumni get-together on 13 September 2023 in Geneva during the WTO Public Forum.

The joyful event was organised by the WTI and the WTI Alumni Association. As in past years, we are grateful to have the WTI Advisors support us by hosting this networking event. After the welcome address by Hannes Schloemann from the WTI Advisors, the WTI’s Director of Studies, Prof. Peter Van den Bossche gave a short speech with updates on the WTI. Several members of the WTI Alumni Association (WTIAA) also shared information on the WTIAA and planned future activities. We thank Gabriela Garcia Merchan, Outreach Officer WTIAA, Jian Guan, Head Asia Regional Chapter and Joachim Monkelbaan, Head of the Geneva Chapter for their engagement in the WTIAA!