12 Jun 2024

Prof Francois joins the GTAP Network Research Fellow Hall of Fame

The 27th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis "Enhancing Global Food System Sustainability" was a success.

Joseph Francois has always thrived at the interface of policy analysis and economic theory, has extensive experience in both academia as well as the public sector, and brings a unique perspective to both of these communities. Joe has a nose for where the next policy debate will emerge and can modify his toolkit to address that issue in a meaningful and influential way. Whether it was NAFTA, the Uruguay Round, Eastern Enlargement of the EU, the liberalization of services trade, or now – the economics of outer space -- he has always been at the cutting edge of the most important topics in international trade. For the many years of active involvement in the GTAP Network and his important and sustained contributions to GTAP, Joe Francois has been inducted into the GTAP Hall of Fame.