26 Feb 2013

New Structure for World Trade Institute’s Management Team

The WTI is in its 14th year since its inception in 1999. Starting with its flagship programme, the Master in International Law and Economics (MILE), the Institute gradually expanded and became the host of the National Centre of Competence in Research in the field (NCCR Trade Regulation).

Along with this evolution has come an increase in demand from governmental and non-governmental institutions for external consulting services on trade and investment issues. The growing popularity of its MILE Programme and of the Summer Academy, coupled with the recent development of its structured Doctoral Programme*, prompted the WTI to consider adopting a more tailored operational approach as to how it manages its academic offering and supports professors, students and researchers at the Institute and abroad. 

As a result, there was a realignment of functions within the WTI. The following proposal was recently presented to and approved by the WTI’s Board of Directors:

Dr Manfred Elsig, Assistant Professor in International Relations, obtained tenure and will become a member of the faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences. He will assume the role of Deputy Managing Director.  

Pierre Sauvé, Director of Studies, will become Director of External Programmes and Academic Partnerships. In his new role, he will be responsible for the further development of tailor-made training and advisory services in trade-related subjects targeting governmental and non-governmental institutions. Pierre Sauvé will lead the SECO / WTI Academic Cooperation Project, as well as projects with other partnering institutions.

Jin Glover, MILE fellow, will take on operational leadership of the MILE Programme as its Programme Director. She will be the direct point-of-contact for all faculty and students involved in the MILE Programme. She is supported by Toby Frost.

Dr Shaheeza Lalani will continue to be Programme Director of the WTI’s evolving Doctoral School, which aims to provide interactive training in English for doctoral students on issues of economic globalisation, regionalisation and integration. She is responsible for the development and implementation of its course offering and the application process.

WTI Managing Director, Professor Thomas Cottier, shall support both Jin Glover and Shaheeza Lalani as the Director of Studies, with a view to developing stronger links between teaching and research.

A recent addition to the WTI from the University of Johannesburg, Dr Stephen Gelb will continue developing the former function of Roberto Echandi as Director I3: International Investment Initiative. He will lead research projects and manage executive training sessions and public seminars on international investment economics, law and policy.

Margrit Vetter and Dr Susan Brown will remain in their current roles as Director of Administration and Scientific Coordinator, respectively. Erich Schwarz will continue to act as Communications Officer for the WTI and NCCR. Corinne Karlaganis is now based in India and liaises with alumni. Christine Kreis joined the team and is responsible for the website, while supporting the English language team of Susan Kaplan, Susan Plattner and Melanie Mettler. Sascha Finger continues to organise Brown Bag lunches. Lisa Buergi liaises with the Centre of Development and Environment next door. Barry Peterson remains responsible for the administration of the WTI/SECO Programme and other external programmes. Rosemarie Coeppicus remains responsible for personnel and infrastructure, and Olivia Hegi for the coordination of HR and finance in the NCCR. Sandra Joseph will assume new administrative responsibilities for distance learning programmes, and Yvonne Peter continues to support the entire staff with the cafeteria. 

*Information on the WTI’s Doctoral School will soon be available on the WTI website.