23 Apr 2013

WTI Experts Provide Training on Trade Negotiation Techniques in Malaysia

From 15-17 April 2013, Christian Häberli, Senior Research Fellow NCCR Trade Regulation at the WTI and Sufian Jusoh, WTI Lead Consultant in Malaysia, conducted a workshop on trade negotiation techniques for 24 private and government participants who were pursuing a course on intellectual property valuation at the Malaysian Intellectual Property Corporation (MyIPO).

The course syllabus comprised of principles of negotiation techniques such as BATNA, preparation of negotiations including offensive and defensive interests, as well as specific negotiating issues in intellectual property and intellectual property value. The participants were given lectures on the techniques of negotiation and conducted mock exercises which would assist them in negotiating Malaysia’s various on-going and future free trade agreements.

Drawing on his own experience, Häberli emphasised that “extensive preparation and consultation are crucial for conducting a successful negotiation, especially with huge trading partners like the US and the EU. This can be a reality check for government negotiators.” As a result of the rigorous training, the WTI hopes that MyIPO will be equipped to increase its contribution to future negotiations, including complex intellectual property issues

As part of its external programme offering, the WTI organises project-specific training and tailor-made courses to suit the capacity-building needs of government organisations and stakeholders, as well as international agencies. The Institute provided training for the Malaysian Attorney-General’s Chambers in 2009 and is currently offering consulting services to the ASEAN Secretariat as well as to other clients in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand.