30 Jul 2013

WTI/CUHK Summer Programme on International Intellectual Property successfully concluded

The two-week WTI/CUHK Summer Programme on International Intellectual Property in Hong Kong was successfully concluded last Friday. This year’s course took place at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Graduate Law Centre and brought together 34 government representatives, scholars and practitioners from 15 different countries.

The first course week introduced the international, regional and bilateral framework for IP protection and introduced the main principles of IP economics. The second course week provided an insight into the most cutting-edge issues in the field of intellectual property such as the complex relationship with public health, new digital technologies, competition policies, and investment. It also focused on other hot topics like IP enforcement and gave an overview on the latest IP trends in Asia. The course was taught by distinguished academics and practitioners, such as Thomas Cottier (WTI), Peter K. Yu (Drake University), Bryan Mercurio (CUHK), Ron Marchant, Elliot Papageorgiou (Rouse), Mathias Schaeli (Swiss IPI), and Intan Hamdan-Livramento (WIPO/EPFL).

One of the programme highlights was the public evening lecture in which Peter van den Bossche, Professor of Law at Maastricht University and WTO Appellate Body Member, gave a presentation on 'What keeps a WTO Appellate Body Member awake at night'. Another highlight was a group exercise modelled according to the latest patent dispute between a Swiss pharmaceutical company and the Indian government. The programme also included a variety of extracurricular social activities, e.g. a visit to the famous Happy Valley horse race, a junk boat trip around Hong Kong Island, a BBQ at the beach and a dim sum dinner.

The Swiss State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) funded the participation of delegations from Peru, South Africa, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia. Those delegations also benefited from additional technical assistance and capacity-building course components taught by Ron Marchant (Former CEO of the UK IP Office) and Arno Hold (WTI).  Swissnex China agreed to sponsor the participation of three PhD candidates (two from China and one from Switzerland).