2 Sep 2013

MILE Alumni Profiles: Fernando Pierola

"Do not miss a tremendous opportunity to build up your career in international trade regulation."

Fernando Pierola explains his role at the Advisory Centre on WTO Law and shares how the MILE Programme helped prepare him for the position.

Which year(s) did you participate in the MILE Programme? I was enrolled in the Programme from 2000-2001. What drew you to the Programme? The focus on international trade law from a legal and an economic angle is what appealed to me. What is your fondest memory of your time at the WTI? What stands out as having been a particularly positive experience? The assessment days and the preparation on the weekends for the next modules were a highlight.  What really stood out was the mix between law and economics. What would your advice be to potential MILE students?
While preparing for the courses, try to figure out the links between the legal issues and the economic considerations underlying the law. Do not hesitate to challenge the teachers with new perspectives. What position(s) did you obtain after having completed the MILE programme? What do you do in your current role? What makes it interesting?

After the MILE Programme, I started working as counsel at the Advisory Centre on WTO Law in Geneva (ACWL). Currently, I am Senior Counsel at the ACWL and represent developing countries in WTO dispute settlement proceedings. What I appreciate most is the trust of developing countries in our daily work and the variety of issues that come to the table for our assessment, including disputes, domestic implementation problems and sometimes discussions about future disciplines arising in the multilateral trading system. How did the MILE Programme prepare you for this position? It gave me the exposure to an international environment, which is something I had never had before. Through the various lecturers and their diverse experiences, I realised that problems could be seen from different perspectives. This realisation led to great opportunities. Where in the world are you located now? Is it where you grew up?

I live in Geneva, whereas I grew up in Lima, Peru.  Is there anything else you would like to say?

If you are in the MILE Programme, do not miss a tremendous opportunity to build up your career in international trade regulation.