5 Nov 2013

MILE 14: Student Profile

"The programme has already exceeded my expectations by far."

Maria Moreno from Bogota, Colombia, finds time in her packed schedule of lectures and study to talk about life as a MILE 14 participant.

-        Tell us about yourself.

I am a graduate student from Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia, with an International Business Management degree. My professional experience dates back to 2008 when I started working in PROEXPORT-Beijing, the Colombian government entity that promotes international tourism, foreign investment and non-traditional exports. Afterwards, I worked at the Colombian Embassy in China assisting the Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC), represented by 17 United Nations country ambassadors.

More recently, I worked in an international business consulting firm, providing consultancy to the World Bank and the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA) focused on research into the impact of Free Trade Zones and Free Trade Agreements in Latin American economies.

-        Why did you choose to join the MILE programme?

Completing the Master of International Law and Economics offered by the World Trade Institute will provide me the necessary tools for a broader approach and a deeper understanding of the legal, economic and political aspects regulating international trade.

These tools will not only complement the knowledge and experience that I have acquired from my undergraduate studies and professional experience but also will shape me as a determined, analytical, responsible and creative person capable of undertaking any trade challenge in the international era.

-        How is it going so far on the programme?

I have been studying at the Institute for almost two months, and I can tell you that the programme has already exceeded my expectations by far. 

-        What aspects of the course are you enjoying most?
Lectures every week taught by different people from a variety of professional backgrounds make the course truly interdisciplinary. A great balance between theory and practice creates the best conditions for us to set our own criteria and form our own judgments regarding international trade topics while gaining a wider understanding of how these are currently applied to the world and our home countries.

-        What are the challenges?

In a short period of time we study new topics that we have to fully understand in order to tackle the next module. In this sense, knowing how to make the best use of our time is a huge challenge!

-        There are 18 nationalities represented among the students. How do you all get on together?

We gain international knowledge from each other during class as we share real and practical examples from our home countries. But even more important, we are all friends that help each other, whether in our studies or at a personal level, which make us a big multicultural family.

-        When you’re not studying, what sort of things do you do with your time?

Jogging in the forest and indoor sports, such as Pilates, power yoga and Spinning are my favourite activities during the week. During weekends I enjoy travelling around Switzerland and whenever possible I travel to other countries.

-        Do you enjoy living in Bern? What are your impressions of the city?

Bern is the perfect place to study. Students can easily find a balance between studying and outdoor activities. Bern is magical, with its clocks, parks and the delicious cheese and chocolate!