15 Jan 2014

MILE students put their skiing skills to the test

MILEs are back to the real world digging deep into Non-Discrimination with Gabrielle Marceau (WTO) and Lothar Ehring (European Commission) after having spent a splendid weekend in the Bernese mountains of Saanenland from 9-12 January.

For many it was the first time in the snowy Alps of Switzerland and an amazing experience trying out skiing, snowboarding, trail hiking and tobogganing and then sampling the après-ski. They proved to be a whizz on the slopes as well as in the classroom.

In true MILE spirit, they approached the tasks with gusto and, as always, continued to impress us with their determination and ability to get ahead fast. And after the day’s exertions there was the sauna, whirlpool and nightly dance-offs to enjoy at our fairy-tale chalet.

Thank you to all of the participants for the great energy and team work, to Teamhaus Boltigen for having us back and to Javier Hernandez for the late night Zumba lessons.    

Jin Glover