13 May 2014

WTI delivers training to Palestinian government and business leaders

Under a programme financed by the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and in cooperation with the Ministry of National Economy (MONE) of Palestine, the World Trade Institute (WTI) has just completed the first part of a comprehensive training course in Ramallah.

The workshop from 4-8 May was led by faculty members Dr Arthur Appleton and Dr Christian Häberli.

Compliance with complex sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) and technical regulations (TBT) are among the trade-related capacity strengthening priorities of MONE. Drs Appleton and Häberli addressed these subjects during the first week of the workshop which was attended by 20 senior officials from MONE and various ministries and government agencies, as well as by business people exporting Palestinian products.

A second workshop will be held at the beginning of June to examine concrete projects developed by the participants to address SPS and TBT issues that they face in their professional lives. The objective of the second week is to explore means of strengthening Palestinian exports by better understanding how the regulatory process operates in major markets such as the EU and EFTA.

In the interval between the two workshops the participants will develop their projects in cooperation with the course directors.