3 Sep 2014

University of Bern opens its doors for Science Night

The World Trade Institute presented its work during Science Night, an interactive celebration of knowledge held by the University of Bern on 6 September from 4-12pm.

Science Night is an opportunity for the different university institutes and departments to showcase their research projects and engage with the general public. Researchers give personal insights into their work and visitors have a chance to ask questions.

There were three elements to the evening: participation (interactive presentations, exhibitions, quizzes), discussion (lectures, films, theatre) and enjoyment (food and drink).

The university said around 8,000 people took part.

The WTI & NCCR-Trade Regulation presented five different projects:  a political simulation on the Green Party's fair food initiative in Switzerland, a stand on sustainability, a BuzzFeed app, a children’s programme and a series of short films on the NCCR research projects.

Children’s events

In the first half of the evening a number of events were specifically aimed at children, to awaken their interest in the sciences.

Who Eats the Most Bananas? was the WTI/NCCR activity designed for children aged five and up, an interactive tour from continent to continent where they had a chance to learn about what is produced and traded in the respective regions, try their hand at various crafts, and sample typical foods from the different continents.

The event proved extremely popular, with dozens of children plus parents taking part.

An online survey for tablets and smart phones allowed older visitors to determine what kind of trader they are, and how environmentally aware they are. Meanwhile, at the sustainability stand visitors were confronted with issues of climate protection and the role of law.

It was the second time Science Night was  held at the University of Bern after a successful launch in 2011.