16 Sep 2010

The NCCR project 'eDiversity' winner of the Swiss academies award for transdisciplinary research

The 'eDiversity' project, which was part of the NCCR Trade first stage (2005-2009) as a joint project with the University of Lucerne has won this year's award for transdisciplinary research given by the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences.

In the context of the first stage of the NCCR Trade Regulation, an intrinsic goal of individual project (IP) 7, eDiversity, has been to overcome the existing fragmentation in the field of content regulation, in particular with regard to the protection of cultural diversity in the digital networked environment. As an integral part of Research Cluster B ‘Unresolved Regulatory Issues’, the eDiversity projects sought to examine the unaddressed current and potential effects of new digital technologies upon cultural content and to develop regulatory models for coherent media regulation on a global level.
The eDiversity team has produced a number of publications on these subjects, which helped position the NCCR Trade at the forefront of research in this area.
Subsequent research since 2009 has been continued under the NCCR at the World Trade Institute by Mira Burri focusing on digital media and by Christoph Graber and his team focusing on cultural heritage issues.