26 Sep 2014

The Rule of Law in Monetary Affairs – a new World Trade Forum book

A new volume in the World Trade Forum series has just been published by Cambridge University Press. “The Rule of Law in Monetary Affairs”, is co-edited by Professor Thomas Cottier of the World Trade Institute.

The book was published just ahead of the 2014 World Trade Forum, which is on the topic of International Trade in Electricity and the Greening Economy and runs from 26 to 27 September.

The main editors alongside Thomas Cottier are Rosa M. Lastra of Queen Mary, University of London, and Christian Tietje of Martin Luther University, Halle Wittenberg, Germany. Lucia Satragno of the WTI is associate editor.

The global financial crisis and subsequent sovereign debt crisis in Europe demonstrated that the relationship between law and economics in the design of the monetary system must be revisited.

Based on the 2012 World Trade Forum, the volume brings together leading scholars, practitioners and policy makers in international economic law in order to examine the potential of law and legal methodology to contribute to international monetary stability. It explores the links between and lessons to be learnt from existing international investment and trading systems and studies some specific policy issues which have a direct impact on monetary affairs, such as exchange rate policy, sovereign debt, taxation, competitiveness, trade imbalances, austerity programmes and human rights.