15 Oct 2014

PhD Candidate presents food security paper at Granada conference

Carolina Palma, a trade lawyer and professor from Costa Rica who is doing her PhD at the World Trade Institute, presented a paper on multilevel governance of food security at an international conference in Granada, Spain on 10 October.

 “The Reform of International Economic Governance” conference was organised by professors Luis Hinojosa and Antonio Segura from the Law Faculty of the University of Granada and focused on reform of the financial architecture and trading regime following the economic crisis.  

On 9 October, outstanding speakers from the monetary and financial field included Rosa M. Lastra from Queen Mary University of London, and Prof. Charles Goodhart from London School of Economics.  The second day focused on the reform of the trading regime where Carolina Palma shared a panel with Prof. Valentina Vadi from Lancaster University and Catherine Titi from Universite Pantheon-Assas Paris II.