15 Jan 2013

Flexible Training for Professionals

A Recent Alumnus Shares his Experience with the WTI’s Distance Learning Programme on International Trade Regulation

Whilst the WTI is pleased to welcome students from all over the world to study in Berne, the Institute also recognises that many people need to fit their studies around demanding schedules. We asked Mark Ball, First Secretary, UK Representative to the EU and a recent alumnus from our Advanced Certificate in Trade Regulation, for his views on the course:

“I was very keen to advance my knowledge of trade rules and the functioning of the WTO, but struggled to find a suitable academic programme that I could fit around a busy day job and other commitments. Fortunately, I found the WTI certificate course and enrolled just over a year ago.

From first contact to completion the support was excellent. The website and course materials are good, some of the tutors are world class experts and, whilst a demanding schedule is set for completion, Jane (the Distance Learning Programme Coordinator) was brilliant in recognising and helping me with my need for flexibility.

The course is based on six self-study modules, each assessed via multiple choice exam and essay. The seventh and final module is taught at the Institute in Berne, which provides a really good opportunity to meet some of the team and interact with other students for a short time.

I feel like I learned a lot from the programme and the icing on the cake was the residential week where I was made to feel part of the Institute, worked with the Masters in International Law and Economics (MILE) cohort and benefitted first hand from the expertise of the tutors.

Whilst the course is demanding, reasonable adjustments are made to help busy people along and I’d wholeheartedly recommend studying with WTI. Many thanks to all involved!”

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