26 Jun 2015

WTI prepares to host 13th Summer Academy

The Summer Academy on International Trade Regulation – five week-long courses on cutting-edge issues in global economic governance – opens its doors to graduate students and practitioners on 6 July. The Academy runs until 8 August.

Modules this year cover: trade and investment law – latest trends in jurisprudence; recent developments in the law, economics and policy of contingent protection; global value chains – implications for trade and investment policy governance; preferential trade the WTO – addressing the systemic challenges, and new frontiers in services trade. For more information, please see http://www.wti.org/courses/summer-academy/

Included in the second week of the programme is a day-long field trip to the World Trade Organization in Geneva – a traditional highlight of the Summer Academy.

Around 35 participants are enrolled in each of the weekly modules, drawn largely from Europe, but also from South America, Southeast Asia and southern Africa. Last year, the Academy drew participants from 33 different countries, making the programme a truly international meeting point.

The WTI Summer Academy is taught by some of the world's leading experts in their fields and blends the policy aspects of trade and investment with thorough legal interpretation and economic analysis.

Part of its ongoing appeal is that it can be attended in an 'à la carte' way, with participants signing up to a variable geometry of courses that suits their needs and matches their interests and schedules.

Pierre Sauvé, the WTI’s Director of External Programmes and Academic Partnerships who oversees the Summer Academy and teaches in its closing week, sums up well the experience awaiting participants: “The WTI Summer Academy offers unique proximity to some of the most prominent scholars and practitioners of international economic law and policy in an informal setting in which the very latest case law and policy developments in trade governance are dissected and debated.

"And we do so against the backdrop of the many summer charms of a unique UNESCO World Heritage City. How much better can it get?”