2 Nov 2010

The Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS) launches its fourth Call for Projects

The SNIS offers project research grants in the order of 100’000 to 300’000 SwissFrancs for a two-year period.

In order to be eligible for SNIS funding the submitted projects must qualify as:

• International studies: projects must be comparative, addressing cross-border issues, i.e. the research question must bear on at least two different nations (i.e. how do transnational corporate social responsibility standards shape labor conditions in China and Taiwan)

• Pluri-disciplinary: projects teams must be composed of experts from different scientific backgrounds. The project must be elaborated jointly by all applicants
The SNIS considers that International Studies deal not only with the analysis of international relations, but also with political, economic, social,  environmental, legal, health, scientific and development issues. It welcomes proposals from both the social and natural sciences and combinations thereof. For an overview of SNIS supported projects and disciplines please refer to the ‘Projects’ section on the webpage.

Thematically, submissions can be made in one of these two sections
• General call: In any area of International Studies as defined above
• Special theme 2011: Appraising the Millenium Development Goals: Agenda setting, implementation, capacity building and alternatives
NEW: The SNIS encourages post-docs to submit and coordinate projects
Deadline for the reception of the proposals 5th January 2011 12:00 (Swiss Time - GMT +1)

For further information on the call and to submit your
project electronically please refer to www.snis.ch