15 Dec 2015

Training for the Malaysian Treasury on impact assessment of trade agreements

As a part of the WTI’s SECO collaboration, WTI Senior Research Fellow Anirudh Shingal delivered a training on assessing the impact of trade agreements at the request of the Malaysian Treasury in Putrajaya on 8-10 December. The training was facilitated by Pierre Sauvé and WTI External Fellow Sufian Jusoh.

During the training, Anirudh Shingal provided an overview of the global and regional landscape of trade agreements and also discussed the theoretical economic effects of regional integration. He also outlined the ex-ante and ex-post impact assessment techniques before focussing on the use of the Sussex Framework, a simple analytical framework for assessing the net welfare effects of a trade agreement, and providing a hands-on experience of working with TradeSift, a powerful software that enables trade policy analysis.