10 Oct 2016

WTI researcher presents at international environmental tax conference

Dr Kateryna Holzer, a researcher with the NCCR Trade Regulation, participated in the 17th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation, held at the University of Groningen, Netherlands.

The topic of this year’s conference, held on 22-23 September, was ‘Smart instrument mixes in a greening economy’. It explored the challenges of harmonious co-existence of various fiscal and regulatory tools necessary to achieve the environmental policy objectives. The event focused on a wide range of instrument mixes and topics extending from charges, fees, taxes, subsidies, tax expenditures, emissions trading, linking of emission trading systems, green fiscal reforms and budget constraints, and voluntary approaches from economic, legal and policy perspectives.

Dr Holzer gave a presentation on Differential Electricity Taxation, which was largely based on her contributions to a series of WTI studies on electricity tax reform in Switzerland. Her panel was devoted to WTO-related legal issues of environmental policy measures and was moderated by Aik Hoe Lim, Director of the Trade and Environment Division at the WTO.