4 Jan 2017

WTI takes part in Platform on International Energy Governance

The WTI has joined the newly created Platform on International Energy Governance that brings together leading world universities and research centres active in the field of international energy law and policy.

The WTI is represented by senior research fellow Dr Ilaria Espa, post-doctoral researcher Kateryna Holzer, and PhD researchers Tetyana Payosova and Karolis Gudas.

The idea behind the initiative is to create a network of excellence that fosters the conduct of research in unexplored areas of international energy governance.

The Platform aims to do this by attracting academics, including doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, interested in pursuing state of the art research on international energy governance.

Further aims include to promote exchanges between member institutions and beyond; facilitate data sharing; and advance education by promoting the design of new courses in the field of international energy governance.

In addition to the WTI, the member institutions are the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (and its Centre for International Environmental Studies); Geneva, the University of Cambridge; the University of Oxford Faculty of Law; UCL Faculty of Laws; and Sciences Po Law School.

For more information, see the Platform’s website.