3 Dec 2012

From South Africa to Switzerland: Engaging in Foreign Direct Investment, Global Debates and Downhill Skiing

University of Johannesburg Professor Stephen Gelb shares his thoughts about joining the WTI in January 2013

When do you begin working here?

January 14 will be my first day at the Institute.

What will you be teaching at the WTI?

In the past, I taught macroeconomics and economic growth, international trade and investment, development economics and the politics of economic development. At the WTI, I will be covering similar topics.

My experience as an economic advisor to the African National Congress (ANC) after its unbanning in 1990 and to the South African government on major policy processes is helpful in my teaching. I would like to think that bringing real-life examples to the classroom makes the issues we discuss more applied and relevant for my students.

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