7 Feb 2018

New look Summer Academy offers trade and investment tracks

The WTI’s annual Summer Academy to be held from 9 to 27 July this year follows a dual-track approach for the first time, offering courses on trade and sustainable development and also on investment topics.

Taught by leading experts, the Summer Academy combines lectures with discussions and case studies. In their free time participants can enjoy a range of social activities.

The three-week programme aimed at higher education students and professionals begins with a one-week course on ‘The Future of the Trade and Investment Regime’. This will consider the recent profound changes in international economic relations, the causes of the anti-globalisation and protectionist movements and the consequences for trade and investment agreements.

Following the first week, participants will have the option to select either the trade or the investment parallel track, both of which extend over two weeks.

The first track comprises courses on ‘Climate Change and Migration’ and ‘Sustainable Human Mobility’.

‘Climate Change and Migration’ explores the Paris Agreement and its international regime and includes a participatory climate negotiations exercise. The ‘Sustainable Human Mobility’ course looks at migration from the perspectives of human rights, security, governance, labour mobility, trade and climate change.

Track two focuses on ‘International Investment Law and Policy’ and ‘New Frontiers in Investor-State Dispute Settlement’.

‘International Investment Law and Policy’ analyses the latest trends in the negotiation and implementation of international investment agreements, and ‘New Frontiers in Investor-State Dispute Settlement’ examines these trends as they relate to investment dispute settlement and dispute prevention and management.

Students following the investment track may qualify for a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in International Law and Economics.

For more information, and details on how to apply, see the Summer Academy 2018 section of the WTI website.