4 Apr 2018

Alumnus publishes book based on his PhD thesis

Karolis Gudas, who completed his PhD in law at the World Trade Institute last year, has published a book based on his research: The Law and Policy of International Trade in Electricity.

Dr Gudas successfully defended his PhD on transit rights with a particular focus on energy from renewable sources in March 2017. His thesis was supervised by Professor Thomas Cottier.

The major problem addressed by the book is the lack of adequate cross-border electricity infrastructure that would enable the potential of large-scale renewables to be harnessed in electricity generation.

Having worked with Professor Cottier on the feasibility study of the Iceland – UK electricity connector, I realised that there are many barriers to implement cross-border electricity infrastructure projects,“ said Gudas.

"The present regulatory trade regime does not provide the necessary legal guarantees to incentivise investments in these cross-border electricity transmission projects.

“I hope that my contribution, based on the European Union‘s experience, will add some value to the discussions within the WTO framework and some of the discussed policy instruments, ideally, will be adopted in the future."

Congratulating his former student, Professor Cottier commented: “I am sure the book will attract much attention in the process of building the European energy market and beyond."

The book issued by Europa Law Publishing is available from May.