2 May 2018

New DESTA dataset project launched

The World Trade Institute and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have launched a new collaborative project aimed at creating a dataset on global value chains (GVCs) in preferential trade agreements (PTAs).

The DESTA OECD project builds on the existing Design of Trade Agreements dataset and uses inputs from the EDIT dataset on bilateral investment treaties and the Big Data project (for more information on these, see the research projects website page). It codes over 180 variables on areas such as GVCs, investment, market access for goods and services e-commerce and data flows in over 600 PTAs.

Our interdisciplinary team, in place since 1 May, brings together knowledge of law, political science, economics and social science as well as work with legal documents and statistical software.

The team photo shows, from left to right: Rodrigo Polanco, project leader and expert on investment and trade law, Julina Canga, legal scholar and former University of Bern research assistant, Martina Pons, economics scholar with database management experience, Livia Tomas, social science scholar and former DESTA research assistant, Selina Hauser, trade and international development scholar with statistical expertise, and Jenny Surbeck, research coordinator, PhD candidate and WTI researcher.