12 Jun 2018

WTI doctoral researcher named one of Forbes 30 under 30

Marietta Angeli, a PhD candidate at the World Trade Institute, has been named by Forbes Magazine’s German edition as one of its 30 under 30 influential people in 2018 in the category Science and Health.

The political economist is one of two researchers at the University of Bern to have been chosen from among the nominees. The other is theologian Jessica Lampe.

"Being nominated one of 30 under 30 is pretty neat! It’s of course a nice appreciation of my work, but I’m particularly happy that, in general, Forbes includes young researchers in this pool,” Angeli commented.

"Academia sometimes operates in a bubble. Joining a community of people with different passions and expertise is a great opportunity to reconnect with the real world."

Angeli, who is writing a thesis on market access barriers and rules of origin for developing country parties of preferential trade agreements, said the focus of her research was how developing countries can better benefit from global value chains.

The PhD researcher had the chance to meet the other 30 under 30s from the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) last month at a get-together in Vienna.

"The bulk of them work in the private sector and start-ups, but the diversity of issues that people work on was still impressive,” she said. “Some of them also co-operate or trade internationally, which corresponded in a nice and practical way to my research on market access barriers."

An interview with Marietta Angeli has been published by the University of Bern online magazine, Uniaktuell.