6 Dec 2018

CLISEL to train local authorities at upcoming Environmental Humanities Training School 2018

CLISEL will deliver a training module for local authorities on the topic of “Migration governance issues: Local authorities at the front line in times of climate change and security.”

This exclusive module will take place from 13-14 December at Sala Pignatiello, Palazzo San Giacomo, Piazza del Municipio (Naples). Local authorities participating in the event will be trained on the following topics:

  • Migration and climate change and the CLISEL project
  • European Union immigration and asylum policies
  • EU external migration policy
  • Public perceptions of migrants and the role of the media
  • Italian normative and jurisprudence on migration and asylum
  • Multilevel governance of migration: Between multilateralism and bilateralism

Presenters include speakers from the Universities of Perugia, Naples "L'Orientale”, Turin and lawyers of the Italian Bar Association for Migration Studies, as well as the participation of representatives of local authorities from the Municipality of Naples, Campania and Sardinia regions.

The CLISEL Environmental Humanities Training School 2018, which runs from 12-14 December, focuses on "Loss, Damage and Mobility in the context of Climate Change".

It is co-organised by: KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) Environmental Humanities Laboratory (Sweden), The World Trade Institute (WTI), University of Bern (Switzerland), Istituto di Studi sulle Società del Mediterraneo (CNR-ISSM) (Italy), and Dipartimento di Architettura, Università Federico II (Italy).