25 Jun 2019

Call for Papers deadline extended: Trade in Services by Mode of Supply

The deadline for submissions has been extended to 14 July 2019. The first annual Trade and Investment in Services Associates (TIISA) conference will take place at the WTI from 20-21 September 2019.

The 2019 TIISA conference is jointly-organized by the WTI and the University of Adelaide.

For its first annual conference the Jean Monnet TIISA Network invites submissions relating to the measurement of services by mode of supply. In line with the network’s interdisciplinary character this includes papers in the fields of law, political science, and business & economics.

More specifically, this includes:

  • Advances in the measurement of trade in services data by mode of supply.
    • Structural issues with respect to data collection;
    • Methodological advances to split aggregated data by mode of supply;
    • Mapping of services trade data to other accounts.
  • Advances in the measurement of trade in services policies.
    • Harmonizing policy measures across different domains of services trade policy(GATS vs. RTAs vs. Applied Measures);
    • Options to update services schedules’ sectoral classification accounting for new trends in cross-border services supply.
  • Advances in assessing the determinants of services trade and policy by mode of supply.

The deadline for submissions is 14 July 2019. Submissions should be sent to Achim.Vogt@wti.org.

Please see the attachment for more details.