5 Oct 2019

Annual get-together of WTI alumni to be held during WTO Public Forum

As in previous years the annual get-together of World Trade Institute alumni will take place in Geneva during the week of the WTO Public Forum.

The social event will be hosted by WTI Advisors at their offices and run from 19:30 until 21:30 on 9 October.

The event is an opportunity for alumni to meet the new student intake, as well as familiar faces, over refreshments.

Just ahead of the get-together, the WTI will hold an Alumni Panel at the Public Forum from 18:15 to 19:45. The theme is 'Tomorrow’s Trading World – Thinking Ahead for the Future Generations'. Alumni from different intakes will participate in the discussion which will be moderated by Director of Studies Professor Peter Van den Bossche.

The panel aims at initiating a dialogue among the young trade lawyers and economists that advise global cross-sectoral industries, with the intention to offer analysis, feasible solutions and policy recommendations.


Other events at the Public Forum involving WTI faculty and/or alumni:

Tuesday, 8 October, 14:15-15:45: Panel on 'The Digital Economy and Young Entrepreneurs: New Rules?'. Panellists include Arthur Appleton, WTI faculty and Board member; and Pallavi Bajaj, MILE 10 alumna.

Wednesday 9 October: 08:30-10:00: Working Session on 'Services: A Key Enabler for Agriculture Trade' (organised by CSEND and FAO). WTI faculty member Christian Häberli will be a panellist.

Wednesday 9 October,14.45-16.15: Working session on 'Trade in Fisheries Services - Today and Beyond' (organised by FAO). Marta Soprana, MILE 11 alumna, will be a panellist.

Thursday 10 October, 12:00-13:30: Working session on 'Multilateralism - Expectations from the new generation'. Daniil Orlov, MILE 19 student, will be a panellist.

Thursday 10 October, 13:30-14:30: WTI book launch. Professors Manfred Elsig and Michael Hahn of the WTI will present 'The Shifting Landscape of Global Trade Governance'.