6 Feb 2012

MILE Scholarships for Nigerian Students

The Swiss Federal Office for Migration (FOM) sponsors four scholarships for the Master of International Law and Economics (MILE) Programme.

As part of its new migration partnership agreement with Nigeria the Swiss Federal Office for Migration sponsors four scholarships for Nigerian students on the World Trade Institute's (WTI) one-year Master Programme. The scholarships are given for the next MILE programme. Interested Nigerian candidates should apply by 15 March 2012 following the WTI's application procedures. More information regarding applications can be found here: http://www.wti.org/mile-admission/ 

For any questions regarding applications please contact Ms Margrit Vetter (margrit.vetter@wti.org) 

The migration partnership agreement between Switzerland and Nigeria signed in February 2011 is a pioneering agreement on migration affairs, the first of its kind Switzerland has concluded with an African state. It paves the way to strengthening cooperation between the two states. The agreement reflects a comprehensive and global approach to dealing with matters of migration, acknowledging its manifold attendant problems and opportunities.
The agreement governs a range of areas of cooperation, from building up the capacity of immigration, migration and development services, to the promotion and protection of human rights. Further areas of cooperation include: legal migration and joint programmes on training and further education; return assistance; readmission and reintegration assistance; the prevention of illegal migration; fighting human trafficking and drug trafficking.
The four scholarships for the Master Programme at the World Trade Institute are part of the training and further education chapter of the agreement.

More information on the migration partnership between Switzerland and Nigeria can be found here:
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