11 Mar 2020

Blame and Shame: Arthur E. Appleton shares his thoughts on Globalisation and Nationalism

Globalism is becoming the favourite scapegoat for politicians to deflect the blame for their own policy failures, especially in countries with nationalistic tendencies. WTI Faculty and Advisory Board member Arthur E. Appleton was featured in a radio interview earlier this week, where he argues that "the fight against globalization and the resistance to globalism is at its heart a contemporary form of anti-intellectualism (…)".

On Monday, 9 March, the the Australian Broadcasting Corporation featured Arthur E. Appleton in a ten minute radio interview on its Counterpoint programme. The discussion topic was globalisation and nationalism. Listen to the full interview here (Arthur's segment starts at 2:00).

The interview resulted from an article that Arthur published in The Globalist on 16 February. You can access the full article here. On 3 March, he also published a short piece in The Globalist on pandemics and globalisation.