13 Oct 2020

Creation of the WTI Alumni Association

Several WTI alumni have gathered to start preparations for the formation of an official WTI Alumni Association, aiming to further strengthen and develop the alumni relations. The WTI's more than 500 alumni are part of an ever-growing, global and vibrant community of bright and dedicated minds.

Celebrations to mark the World Trade Institute’s 20th anniversary this year have had to be postponed due to COVID-19. But in the meantime, a group of alumni from various MILE batches and the WTI’s alumni community have got together to initiate the formation of an official WTI Alumni Association. To make sure that the creation of this association is a transparent and inclusive process, a public notice was drafted inviting all WTI alumni (MILE, TRAIL+ (LL.M.) and PhD) to participate in the establishment of a Founding Working Committee for the creation of the WTI Alumni Association. 

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their application. Alumni, as well as former and current WTI faculty members, are welcome to submit non-binding comments, suggestions and ideas. 

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