6 Jan 2021

World Trade Review: Call for Proposals for Special Issues

The World Trade Review (WTR), whose editorial team consists of Mona Pinchis-Paulsen, Manfred Elsig, Joseph Francois and Peter Van den Bossche, intends to publish at least one special issue a year and will give preference to proposals for special issues of papers presented at inter- or transdisciplinary workshops or conferences.

Possible topics for Special Issues are:

  • Developing country status
  • Investment facilitation
  • Subsidies: public health; industrial; fisheries
  • Corporate responsibilities & FDI
  • UNCITRAL WG III negotiations
  • WTO DSM (and MPIA)
  • Pollution

The annual deadline for proposals for special issues is 1 February for publication of the special issue the following year. Read more here.