21 Feb 2021

Winter 2021 SIEL Newsletter

In this edition of the Society of International Economic Law (SIEL) Newsletter, Peter Van den Bossche, WTI Director of Studies and President of SIEL, wrote a commentary entitled "Will 2021 be better?".

Sneak peek of Peter Van den Bossche's commentary:

"I was very happy to close the door on 2020. For many, last year was a year of suffering, sorrow and hardship. But will 2021 be any better? It is probably wise to answer with a cautious ‘perhaps’. While the COVID-19 pandemic still rages and countries go into a second or third lockdown, large-scale vaccination is now starting, albeit in too many countries slowly or not at all, due to the scarce supply of vaccines. COVID restrictions of all kinds are likely to remain part of our daily life for most of 2021."

Other content includes interviews with SIEL's new office bearers, information about conferences and other events, calls for papers and other activities.

The full news letter is linked below.